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Hutcherson Alternators & Starters

701 S 50th Street,
Tampa, FL - 33619
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  • Great place with honest employees. Called in about rebuilding my alternator. Was told to come down and get alternator checked first. Showed up with alternator and received immediate attention. They tested alternator and found it operating correctly. Even went as far as showing me on the testing machine charging voltage and giving me direction on going about fixing my charging issue that wasn't related to the alternator. Definitely the best alternator and starter servicing facility in town.
    - Cordero Matthew
  • Nice to know you guys are still in business..have known and done business for well over 30 years...can still take alternator and starter to have tested and rebuilt...awesome guys..thanks Mark
    - Richard Cabaniss
  • These guys have been around for years ! They are great . They even stayed open an extra 5 minutes for me .
    - Mike Goldenstein

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